How to Choose Your Wedding Hair Stylist


If you want help deciding which hairdresser will be the wedding hairstylist perfect for you and your big day- ask them these questions!

Answered by Gillian Roslan of Kreative Hairdressing

Q. How many people do you style at a wedding?

I style all your bridal party, if I have a large amount of people, I will bring an assistant along to help on the day.

Q. Are you happy to travel a long distance to style my hair for my wedding?

A. Yes, Absolutely! I style hair around Cheshire, Shropshire, all the North West Region, however, there will be a travel cost and the bridal party needs to be no less than 5 people.

Q. I am booking a wedding for a VIP client; do you have a privacy policy?

A. Yes, over the last 20 years I have styled hair for several VIP weddings and I offer total discretion and privacy.

Q. How far ahead of the wedding do I need to have a rehearsal?

 A rehearsal is generally 6-8 weeks before the wedding but this can be earlier or later to suit yourself

Q. Is it essential to have a rehearsal?

A. Yes, for both your and my peace of mind I insist on a rehearsal for every wedding booking.  A rehearsal allows me to assess your hair type and make sure it will work with the style that you want for your big day.

Q. Do I need to provide or do anything for a trial session?

What I suggest is that you have a good think about what sort of style you want. Bring along photos of styles that you like, photos of your dress and any accessories such as tiara and veil.

Q. What does a trial Run session involve?

 A rehearsal appointment is up to 2 hours. An informal appointment where we will discuss the theme of your wedding, look at images of your dress and hairstyles that you like then I will style and create your desired hairstyle for you. I will fix your headdress/tiara and veil, then take photographs and make notes so that we can replicate the style on your wedding  day.

Q. Where does a trial appointment take place?

 I offer a rehearsal  appointments at Kreative Hairdressing Salon Little Sutton CH66 1QS,  I will try and accommodate a trial at a weekend but in the wedding season it is very difficult as this is when I am actually styling hair for weddings.

Q. Can you use hair extensions for me on my wedding day?

Yes, I have full training in the application and styling of clip in hair extensions. They can be used to add volume or length to hair and are a great way to achieve a hairstyle that you thought might not be possible with your hair!

Q. Where can I get hair extensions from?

I colour match and supply clippin hair extensions. I will colour match your hair before your rehearsal so we have them on the day of your rehearsal. If you decide to change the colour of your hair once you have paid for the extension I am afraid I cannot give a refund.

Q. How much are clippin hair extensions?

I use 100% Remy Human Hair Extension, of a high quality. 15ӣ75.00 18ӣ85.00 20ӣ95.00 once you have purchased the extensions, they are yours to keep.

Q. Do I need to provide anything on the wedding morning for you?

You need to provide your ornamentation for yourself and your bridesmaids (tiara/veil/diamante clips etc.) and lots of cups of tea for me!! I bring everything else we need; all I ask for is that you prepare an area with a dining/kitchen type chair and maybe a work top or table near for me to place equipment on. I need everyone that I am styling hair for to be ready  for when I arrive, we will discuss this and timings at your rehearsal.

Q. Can you add someone to the list of people being styled?

 Sometimes I can if I know in advance of the big day. On the morning itself I will have worked out timings so it is unlikely that I will have spare time to add to the list of clients.

Q. Do you recommend a particular make-up artist?

 I work with lots of different make-up artists on real weddings, photo shoots and magazine features. If you require a makeup artist please let me know and i will arrange one for you.

Q. How do I book you for my wedding?

 Email me with full details of

  • The date of your wedding

  • The location you are getting ready on the morning of your wedding

  •  Time of your ceremony,

  • What time you would like to be ready, taking into consideration putting your dress on ect

  • How many people are in your bridal party?

Q. How do I pay my deposit?

If I am available, you can book me by paying a non-refundable £50 deposit. I will send you my bank details or you can pay via cheque